Hi everyone! The registration for the Recreational Program will take place on Saturday June 29th after the 2019 Georgeville Annual Canada Parade. You can also send us registrations by email.

The Program starts on July 1st, 2019

Bonjour à tous! Les inscriptions pour le Programme Récréationnel se feront samedi le 29 juin après la Parade Annuel du Canada 2019 de Georgeville. Vous pouvez aussi nous envoyer des incriptions par courriel.

Le Programme débute le 1 juillet, 2019

Cher Parents
Dear Parents


Dear Parents,


 The Community Association of Georgeville is proud once again to organize and sponsor the 2019 Georgeville Recreational Program. We are introducing several new ideas in hopes of providing a more easily followed footprint for years to come.  Please follow this website, to get all details and be updated as summer approaches.


 Same Low Fees as 2017 and 2018!


  • We will keep the same low fees for the summer of 2019! Our daily rate is from 25$ in the hopes that more children can attend and that they can come as often as they want.

  • A discount is available for multiple children in a family.

  • The most popular special activities, such as the overnight camp-out, the farm visits, the variety shows, the car wash, etc.  will be held throughout the six weeks to ensure that all children can participate  despite family vacations or other absences.  These will be posted on the Georgeville Recreation Program Facebook page.  The program is designed to be as flexible as possible for the families involved and children are urged to bring their guests.

  • This year we are offering four full days for every child from 4 to 13 years of age. We will not be accepting children younger than 4.


Program Dates and Rates:  July 1 - Aug 8, 2019


The Rec Program will operate from 9am to 4pm

Your child must pack a lunch, a towel, a bathing suit and sunscreen!


Registration fee: 5$


Daily rate: 25$ per child

(5$ rebate per subsequent children in the same immediate family, on the same day)

Ex. If one family sends 3 children

child #1 = 25$, child #2 = 20$, child #3 = 15$


Weekly rate: 80$ per child

(or 20% rebate of the child daily rate)


6 weeks full time: 450$ per child


  • The main registration will be done at the Canada Day celebrations on June 29th, 2019 when the new staff will be on hand to meet everyone and welcome the children.  All checks in Canadian Dollars should be made out to the Community Association of Georgeville.

  • For all questions concerning our team of Counselors and operations for the 2019 summer please contact our new Program Coordinator Deirdre Hill Ensink at memphry@gmail.com 



Deirdre Hill Ensink



email for the Georgeville Rec Program




 The Georgeville Recreational Program has been in effect in various forms for over 40 years. The Rec Program is organized entirely by volunteer members of the Board of Directors from the Community Association of Georgeville as well as by parents from in and around Georgeville. We have a wonderful team of Counselors for the 2019 season, many of which have lifeguard qualifications. 

 The 2019 Georgeville Recreational Program will run from Monday July 1st to Thursday August 8th. The Program is open 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday, and children from age 4 to 13 can join us everyday.

 The goal of the recreation program is to provide excellent instruction and supervision to as many children as possible, thereby making for wonderful friendships and easy and safe holidays in the Georgeville summer community.  Another objective is to employ and train our own young leaders.  We will also have a liaison person that will help facilitate communications between the parents and the Head Counselor. 

Many local residents contribute so that no child will be excluded for lack of funds   The municipality (Canton de Stanstead)  will also offer support to its families whose children participate in the program.


Nos Activités
Our Activities

Swimming Instructions

Free supervised swim




Ping Pong


Field Games

Arts and Craft

Dancing and Drama

Field Trips

Overnight camping


Car Wash

Bake Sale

Disgusting Dinner

Exchange Day with other Camps



Nos fier Donateurs
Our proud Sponsors

Association Communautaire Georgeville

Georgeville Community Association

Notre Objectif
Our Mission